About MCC


I work with athletes all over the USA and globally. I am an experienced professional coach and an elite performance coach.  Coaching is my passion and full-time job.

A program should develop all aspects of an athlete progressively and with consistency, training the full spectrum that goes into a complete athlete. For one athlete, this process will require a specific path. For another athlete, it’s completely different, and it changes as an athlete develops.

I believe in coaching each athlete specifically to their needs, their personal development, and to their specific goals.

My philosophy as a coach is to create an environment that enables athletes to develop confidence in their abilities, learn all skills necessary, and to have opportunities to understand their tendencies, while developing them to be their best.

I believe in quality coaching through science and the proven art of success. My athletes’ goals always come first. The athlete-coach relationship is a fundamental part of our success.

I believe in consistency over time towards reaching your goals. I want to support you to go further than you ever thought possible. My goal is not to sell you short cuts, but to provide quality that will get you results. I want to empower you through sport to be the best you can be in your life. I provide long term planning, dedicated coaching, and a commitment to making you better.


MCC’s symbol is the fern:

In the face of adversity I discovered my ability to endure through sport. I grew despite obstacles, and realized the joy in helping others achieve the same.  Our team symbol, the fern, represents my journey and the journey I share with the other members of our team:  

AYA = “FERN” is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. The fern is a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places. Individuals who wear this symbol have endured many adversities and outlasted much difficulty.

Coaching MCC Offers:

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I am USAT certified, Safe Sport certified, Red Cross certified and Iron Athlete certified.

My Background:

I’ve been in the sport of triathlon since 1999. I worked as a full-time triathlon coach with Endurance Corner from 2008-2017 before starting MCC in 2018. I have been coaching since 1995, first in the sport of equestrian showjumping from 1995-2003, and then from 2005-current in endurance sport.


I have been involved in elite sport since I was nine years old and my resume includes professional competition in three different sports: equestrian show jumping, cycling and triathlon.

I grew up in Alberta, Canada. I began equestrian show jumping when I was young and quickly found myself on the international stage jumping at the Grand Prix level. By the age of 21, I was one of the youngest top show jumping coaches in Alberta, Canada. I continued my career as a professional rider, and a coach, where I trained a stable of 30 horses and riders competing at a national level.

I started pursuing triathlons as an age group athlete. Success came quickly. I became a professional triathlete in 2003, racing to podium positions at Ironman events around the world, including winning Ironman Malaysia in 2004.

While racing as a professional triathlete, I was also competing as a professional cyclist. Since 2000, I raced many national and world level races, including competing in the full National Road Circuit in the USA and Australia. I raced the Canadian Road and Time Trial Nationals, the Australian Road and Time Trial Nationals, and the Women's New Zealand Tour and World Cup. Over the years, I've won multiple stage races and state championships in both time trial and criterium racing.

I trained under some of the greatest coaches in the sport, including Ironman World Champion Scott Molina and world champion coach Brett Sutton, as well as Olympic cycling coaches such as Kurt Innes. My experience with the top coaches has helped further develop my coaching style.

I've lived, raced and trained throughout the world, including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Asia, South America and Europe. My appreciation and interaction with various cultures gives me a unique perspective and comfort level in working with clients based internationally.

I specialize in mental skills for elite athletes, offering presentations, one-hour workshops, and one-on-one mental skills for training and competing.

I am a writer and contributor for Endurance Corner, Triathlete Magazine, WISP sports, Active.com, Ironathlete, Witsup radio, Clipped In, Catalyst Athletics, Ironwoman, Live Feisty and IM Talk. I’ve been coaching camps, teaching clinics, and delivering presentations for 15 years. I’ve been the Head Coach at multiple Endurance Corner camps, women’s only camps, professional athlete camps and international camps.

I'm a certified Iron Athlete coach and specialize in strength training for all level and types of athletes. I have been a competitive CrossFit athlete, Olympic weightlifter, and powerlifter.

Who I Coach:

I work with all levels of athletes from beginner to professional. My athletes achieve an assortment of personal goals, as well as qualifying for World Championships. They have achieved #1 amateur world ranking in Kona ranking points, multiple age-group podiums and wins, several USAT titles, and USAT All-American Status. 

I have coached amateur and professional athletes to podiums and overall titles in Ironman races, 70.3 races, Ultraman, ITU, Go Pro challenges, Spartans, duathlon, long-course triathlon, Xterra, bike racing, gravel racing, open running races and short-course triathlon. 

I work with triathletes, duathletes, cyclists, runners, off-road and adventure racers, Spartan racers, and conditioning for competitive CrossFit athletes. I am also a volunteer assistant coach with the Arizona State University National Championship Women’s Triathlon Team.

I enjoy working with high achievers. I believe in educating you as an athlete, and guiding you on the right path to your goals. 


A teacher at heart, I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have learned throughout my career.  

While I specialize in coaching elite age groupers and professional athletes, I also have a deep background working with beginners, developing athletes, and experienced competitors taking on new challenges. 

Here are key factors in my coaching with you. I believe each of these plays an important role in our relationship to get the most out of us working together:

Work with your personality – Each person has their own unique personality. We are all motivated by stimuli, prefer different levels of feedback, and respond to various situations in our own unique way.  I take time to get to know what works best for you and your personality in order to bring out your best.

Identify daily routines and habits – I feel it is my job to find your blind spots in order to help you become aware of them and offer strategies on how to improve them.  In addition, I work with you to find your good habits to help you continue to grow with them. Usually, these habits, mental skills, and coping strategies lie within your routines of daily life and roll over into your athletics.

Set clear goals – It is important to clearly state to yourself and to someone else your short term, long term, and dream goals. That is the first step in setting up a plan to achieve what you want to achieve.

Keep an athlete's strength strong and develop their weaknesses – Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses. Often, we identify our weaknesses and focus solely on improving them.  While this is important, it is equally important to find an athlete’s strength (wherever that may lie) and continue to develop it into their weapon. Then, change their weaknesses into their strengths.

Sustainable program that focuses on longevity with consistency – A consistent and cumulative program builds over days, weeks, months and years. The ability to "back it up" with small periods of overload and small periods of rest is one of the most valuable lessons I learned over the years and I believe is the key to success. 

It is important to master one step before moving onto the next - Each athlete develops at a different rate and I do not move athletes to the next building block in the progression until they are successful at the current step. This is a process unique to each athlete and I feel it cannot be rushed.

Develop friendships, a strong coach/athlete relationship, and have fun – Athletes need to have fun and build a life full of friends with the same passion.  The journey is more satisfying and goes deeper than just a race result. It is important to build a community of true friends that see you at your best and at your most challenged moments.

Educate athletes using a wide range of tools– Although numbers from power meters and heart rate are beneficial, I also believe each athlete needs to be able to think and feel for themselves and make good choices to be successful. I use both science and art to fully develop an athlete. 

My program has fundamentals I believe are key for every athlete's development. However, each athlete is unique and each program is unique to their needs.

Clear honest communication between coach and athlete is a fundamental part of success. Always feel you can come to me with any questions, concerns or needs. We are a team striving for your best together.