Consulting and Single Sport

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Consulting and Single sport Coaching Offers...

I have had the opportunity to compete in many different arenas allowing me to fully understand how to program for different sports. With years of experience training, competing and coaching in each sport myself I can offer you unique and experienced insight.

  • Running, Bike racing (road, mountain and cyclocross), Spartans, Otillo events and CrossFit conditioning.

  • One-time consults

  • Coaching mentorship

  • Strength-only programming

  • Mental skills for high level competition

  • One-day clinics

Athlete Quote: Ben Fishman- " I want you to know that you are a very impressive and talented coach. I have had a lot of coaches in my life and know from what I speak. Your answers are thoughtful, grounded in experience, research, and contextualized for the individual. That’s pretty cool and I am grateful to be working with you."