Tips for Race Day- Muncie 70.3 By Marilyn Chychota and Sue Aquila

Race Morning

Get to transition early! It opens at 4:30 a.m. and due to limited access it can take some time to get into the race area.

This swim is in a clockwise direction ending at the beach. The hardest part of the swim is that it will end into the sun on a clear day. I recommend shaded goggles if the sky is clear. The best sighting tip is to swim towards the ambulance lights to find the finish.


This course is a cyclist’s dream with fresh pavement, some early rollers and a very flat loop on US-35. This will be a two loop course. Be cautious passing as there will be new triathletes on the course.  Expect congestion and follow your race plan. It is easy to get excited on this fast course and end up blowing your legs for the...


The run is the hardest part of this race. You are running an out and back course that has lots of hills and rollers. There is little to no shade and things can get steamy. The course never gets easy and ends with an uphill climb just before you make the last short descent to the finish.  


I have experienced every possible race condition in Muncie. Expect hot and humid. Do not be surprised if it is windy and thunderstorms roll onto the course.  And always bring your wetsuit. If a storm system rolls in the day before temps in the reservoir can drop quickly. Expect nothing and anticipate everything. Bring your wetsuit!

Some tips for managing the heat:

Stay Drenched - Grab cold water at the aid stations on the bike and pour over your body.  Rinse and repeat.

Hydrate -  Follow your nutrition plan and avoid drinking water only.  Consider having a cold sports drink waiting for you in transition at the start of the run.  

Ice - The aid stations on the run are plentiful and well stocked.  Put ice everywhere; hat, bra, shorts, hands etc. Stay drenched. And remind yourself that finishers get ice cream.

Pace Accordingly- If it’s hot you’ll want to remove any pace expectations and focus on managing yourself according to the temperature. This is is a race of attrition, managing pace expectations will play a critical role in your day’s success.

Nutrition- When it’s a very hot race consider increasing fluid and sodium intake. Also consider using more liquid calories and be open to reducing the overall volume of calories if under heat stress.

Warm Up- With the temperatures being high avoid a “hot warm up”. Avoid getting sweaty and your core temperature up before the race starts. Rather use a simple warm up like arms swings and dynamic drills. Continue to sip on ice cold water up to 15 min before the start.

Go get your race and remember that there is no easy way!


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