The MCC Logo- AYA Fern

MCC Symbol: AYA = “fern” is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. The fern is a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places. Individuals who wear this symbol have endured many adversities and outlasted much difficulty.

When I was looking for a logo for my company I wrote down a bunch of words that meant a lot to me and my represented my beliefs. I thought of all the things that have shaped and steered the direction of my life and my athletics. I thought about the things that are important to me and my mission as a coach. I started putting all the words that came to me into google images. When the fern came up...  I shouted out loud- " THAT IS THE ONE".  I knew soon as I saw it. 

When looking for an image to represent MCC I wanted it to be a logo that I felt was a representation of my beliefs, but also a logo other people could relate to, and join their own journey with. My hope is this logo's meaning would represent the support they have through MCC to achieve all of their goals. 

One person said to me when they see this logo they feel like they saw it being  somewhat of a powerful "shield" when wearing it to be the very best version of themselves.

The logo itself needed to be more then just some picture for a company, but a picture that represented a journey, a approach, a mindset  and a way of life, as we work hard towards goals that shape our lives and who we are.

My philosophy as a coach is to create an environment that enables athletes to develop confidence in their abilities, learn all skills necessary, and to have opportunities to understand their tendencies, while developing them to be their best. I believe in quality coaching through science and the proven art of success, providing education for the athletes and a solid team where the athletes goals always come first. The athlete/coach relationship is a fundamental part of our success.