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Triathlete Magazine rates us as one of the premier camps to attend when seeking a personal record. 

"The draw: Over ten years strong,camps include fully supported training and guidance from a team of veteran coaches, some of which are current or former pro triathletes. Education is a big priority, too: Nightly presentations included a talk by a certified nutritionist as well as a coach/pro athlete panel.

Game-changing gain: Because these are longstanding camps that see a lot of returning athletes year after year, new campers learn not just from the coaches but also from the “senior” campers. This camp’s reputation for camaraderie and friendliness is second to none."


I’ve been attending, organizing or coaching camps since 2000. I see a lot of value in camps in an athlete’s overall development.

As long as I can remember doing this sport, I have been going to training camps. Plain and simple, camps are good! Everybody gets something different from them, but everybody gets something. I find that camps are one of the most important pieces in developing an athlete.

I have always approached camps with the attitude to learn as much as possible about myself, my limitations, and to really take the opportunity to push myself in some way.

I always push myself to new levels at every camp I’ve ever done. I won my first Ironman after attending a camp.


  • Be exposed to new things, so come with an open mind to learn.

  • Meet new people who share your interests. I've made some of my closest friends from camps.

  • See a new place.

  • Test and push yourself in an environment where you don't have to worry about much other than training.

  • Create memories and expose character you never knew you had.

  • Always come armed with a good sense of humor.

  • Always come humble and ready to learn.

I promise that you'll walk away with new friends, new perspectives, and a new motivation towards your season.



January 4th-6th 2019.

Beginner? Elite? What should you be doing in the off-season? Experience how the best train. Your camp leaders include: Marilyn Chychota - Ironman Champion, Sue Aquila (@Fewoman) -Multiple Kona Qualifier, and Tom Morris - Head Strength Coach at Indiana University.

All camp events will be on the beautiful campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. You will learn the key principles for maximizing your return to winter training! We will help you swim, bike, and run to your best season yet!

This camp is a high education camp where athletes of all levels can come together and train. It is a unique environment because typically, on the road, people must split into groups based on levels. Here, each session can be coached much more hands-on and every level can train together. This camp is at a D1 university and the facility provides a great platform to focus on education for athletes, allowing them to go forward with the new tools they need set up their year well. An all-indoor camp, we focus on skills and education along with some great winter training sessions.



(Training Mon-Sat)- Feb 24th-March 3rd 2019.

 Register early! This camp sold out in two weeks last year. Don't miss your spot!!!

Cyclists welcome — all swim/run sessions are optional.

Our Tucson camp includes:

  • Certified experienced coaches with over a decade of elite experience, World Championship qualifiers, Ironman Champions and Professional athletes.

  • 6 days of fully supported training, including rides to Madera Canyon, Mount Lemmon and Kit Peak.

  • Every session you will have experienced coaches guiding and teaching you- swim, bike, run, and strength.

  • Meals, lodging, training nutrition, massage and transportation included in the camp

  • Full-time bike mechanics on site and on all rides.

  • Presentations on relevant topics related to sport and performance

  • (Really) Strong Coffee

  • Our coach-to-camper ratio is 1:5 or less and our camp staff-to-athlete ratio is 1:3.

This is for a week of high mileage and hard training to prepare for your season. Often you see professional athletes go to camp to get ready for the season; this camp provides amateur and professional athletes an opportunity to "live the life of a professional" for one week of fully catered and coached training. From the time you land in Tucson to the time you leave, everything you need to train at your best is provided. Your only job will be to eat, sleep, learn and push yourself to new levels. You will come together with like-minded, similar-ability athletes that you might not get to train with at home. At this camp, you have the chance to push each other and get big miles. Every session is coached. We have talks and provide many opportunities to learn new things to become a better athlete. Everything is provided, so you can maximize training. This is a camp where athletes often step up to a new level, not only from pushing new boundaries, but also being around a new level of training you would not normally be exposed to. I experienced this when I first raced professionally and attended a big volume camp. I went on from that camp to win my first Ironman. These camps can shape your perspective on what it takes to be good.


  • Dan Proulx- Canadian Cycling Camps Victoria and Penticton BC Canada

  • Opus Professional Women's Cycling Team Camps

  • Epic Camp- First woman to ever attend. NZ South Island, NZ North Island and Kona and one women’s-only Epic camp as assistant coach with Tara Norton, Arizona.

  • EC Tucson Camp 11 years in a row- Coach and Head Coach

  • Cliff English Professional Athlete Camp and Assistant Coach at Amateur Camp

  • Brett Sutton Camps- Switzerland, Thailand, Philippines (Professional Athlete)

  • Vision Quest Camps- Assistant Coach

  • EC Camps- Point-to-Point, Utah and Colorado- Ascent Coach

  • EC Boulder Camps- Assistant Coach

  • EC Women's-only Camp Head Coach- run with Kimberly Baldwin

  • Indiana University Midwest Camp 3 years in a row- Head Coach

  • Invictus CrossFit Camps (athlete)

  • Australia Institute of Sport Time Trial Cycling Camp (athlete)



**You can also hire me to coach at your camp, speak at your camp, or help you learn how to create a successful camp.


Athlete Quote: Rene Miles- " It isn't easy to create a team atmosphere when athletes work and train together on a daily basis.  However, Marilyn has been able to bring together her athletes  from all over the world to work together as a team at camp and accomplish that within a matter of hours. I now know why she wanted me to come to camp and am so thankful that I did."



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