How Ready Do I Need to Be For Camp?

How Ready Do I Need to be for Early Season Camp?

The first thing you need to think about with early season camps is we are TRAINING!!! You shouldn’t be coming into camp aiming to “win” camp, or be in “season best shape” in February. Your goal for camp should be based on where it is in relationship to your first race of the year and where your A race of the year is on the calendar. Early season camp is a big week to help you prep for your upcoming season.

If you are headed to an early season camp, chances are you are looking at the schedule and wondering how to be ready for this massive boost in training you are about to receive. Especially if you are coming from cold snowy places where your longest ride is ninety minutes to two hours.

To make the most out of camp, build your training over the next month to have the ability to:

  • Swim for one hour

  • Run one hour

  •  Ride three to four hours outside or on your trainer

  •  Train six days in a row

    Most importantly, come into camp a bit rested. The week of camp I’d recommend getting a bit more rest so you arrive fresh and ready to train.

    I have always approached camps with the attitude to learn as much as possible. To learn about myself, my limitations, and to really take the opportunity to push myself in some way. And I always push myself to new levels at every camp I’ve ever completed. I won my first Ironman after attending a camp.

    Always come ready to push your limits.
    Always come armed with a good sense of humor. Always come humble and ready to learn.

    I promise that you'll walk away with new friends, new perspectives and a new motivation towards your season. See you at camp!

TrainingMarilyn Chychota