Race Planning

Race Planning

List your top two goals for this event:

How will you break up the race into manageable segments:

Explain how you plan to gauge effort:

Tell me your execution plan and race strategy:

Tell me your fueling plan including race morning:

Is there any course details we need to go over? Wind, hills, altitude, weather, terrain, course obstacles?

Any equipment questions?

Any other questions?


I always like to also send this to remind you the basics as you race

Equipment touch up:

Be sure wetsuit is in good condition, still fits, no tears

Toggles on runners for quick transitions, baby powder in shoes for blisters

Two pairs of goggles - ( baby shampoo to defog)

Body Glide for quick transition

Aquaphor for lube on chafing areas.

Bike checked over completely- tires, gears, wheels, brakes, everything runs smooth, no rubbing, bolts tight.

Tire pressure- 100-110psi.

Take an extra tire to transition in the morning in case of flats.

Valve extenders tight

Wheels in straight Skewers tight


Day before:

Have a detailed plan with timelines( share that with anyone traveling with you) Have your meals planned

Training Done early

Visualization and relaxation time

To bed early


Race morning:

Wake up 2-3hrs before race start

Have breakfast planned and calculated 400-1000 calories-depending on your needs Plan for traffic and give yourself plenty of time for line up’s, potty stops and crowds.



Be sure to pack food and water Compression socks and clothes Stay hydrated

Stretch often to stay loose. Rest.


Warm up:

Jog 3min very easy, 2 x 1min build to race effort, 30sec walk, 3min jog.

Then go finish up your set up, ect potty stop. Get your wetsuit on and get ready.

Swim Cords- See video for swim cord routine.-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DefaMHK4-4A

Then get in the water if they will let you and do a couple minutes easy, 2-3 10 stroke pickups on full recovery, swim easy another couple minutes and then line up and get ready to go with enough time to settle and focus.


Mental State Prep:

60min out- relaxed and calm

45min out - meditative and focused

30min out- meditative and visualizing movements and process

20min out- focused on task and relaxed.

15min out- Excitement towards the day and in the zone feeling your performance for the day 5min out- relaxed, confident, ready.


Race Plan:

Be sure you eat breakfast at least 2- 3hrs before. If you need another small amount 1hr before keep it easy to digest like a banana. A gel at 30min before the start is ok.

Nothing after your within 30min of race time but sipping on water.

Warm up well! For good racing you need to be warmed up.

If the water is super cold use ear plugs and two swim caps. Get in the water before and get your face in it. Make sure the cold isn't going to be a shock to the system. Get yourself use to it and then get out and stay warm until it’s go time. If its super hot out then avoid being to aggressive in your warm up where you start to get your core temp too high before starting. Stay loose and cool.

When you start watch that first 200m. You want to go quick enough to grab some good feet and position, BUT, you want to cap yourself a hair to not flood yourself with lactate and blow up. So yes, go out quick, but put a little cap on yourself for that first 200m. Best thing is to limit the kick and focus on fast arms!!

When you jump on the bike be sure it's in a light enough gear you can get going. Big mistake people make is loading themselves up by starting in too big of gear. Better to go one lighter and gear up than be bogged down.

Give yourself 2-3min to settle and then get going into your TT mode. RPM 80-90, focus and get in your groove and targeted effort relaxed and smooth.

Where the race is fast and speed is high- recover!! Fuel!!

When the race is hard- focus and work hard.

Remember when climbing to stay in a good rhythm. Gear up or down as you need to keep tempo up.

On the flats and downs- Get aero!!

Run- Settle in as you run out of transition. Get your feet under you and cadence up, arms up in the right position, chin down. Then build as you go. Start out relaxed getting fuel and Rhythm. You must keep fueling and cool on the run.

Really race right to the finish. Going fast requires a commitment right to the finish line.

Focus on the process as you race, the outcome will follow. Breaking each leg into segments that are manageable and motivating. Focus inward, not letting exterior distractions interrupt your focus.