Efforts By Feel- Mild, Moderate, Hard

Effort Guidelines (By Feel)- Mild, Moderate, Hard

You will get faster as you can learn and trust your effort. When you practice this your only task is to go mild, moderate, and hard according to the prescription of the session. Do this and then you can record data after the session is done.

Mild- A very easy stress free effort.

Moderate- an intensity you can go for an extended period of time and repeat it. You are working, but you can hold it repeatedly and for extended periods.

Hard- a hard set of intervals to be just that, hard! **Note: We rarely do intervals faster than 95-97% effort. The benefit is limited and the risk of injury is high.

Then we can see in terms of your data if  you are heading into a zone by effort. I want you to become able to say that you know when you are going at a specific  intensity.