Training Solo or with Partners?

Choosing your training partners wisely!

Endurance sports are, by nature, a solo sport, and there is a certain amount of work that needs to be done very specific to you, your race and your needs. It is also important to develop the skill of being focused on your own with no motivation other than yourself to keep working hard and on task.

We also do sport to build friendships and enjoy some social time with like-minded people doing things we love. Training partners can help keep you motivated, make you accountable and get a bit more out of you than you might get on your own.

The KEY is finding the right dynamics with a training partner. This may or may not be your friend. Sometimes your best friend or mate is not your best training partner. The dynamic needs to be one where it's positive. There is an element of understanding to bring each other up, not break each other down. This really requires good understanding and support of each person's goals. Training partners are there to help each of you become your best and leave the competition days for the races. Be open and clear about your expectations for your training session. Find people that are like minded and similar in ability.

Having a nice combination between practicing your solo sessions and group training with the right people or partner is the best balance for progression and some fun as you work your way through your training.