Warm Ups For Racing

Warm up for Triathlon Racing:

1) Jogging 3-5 minutes very easy

3x 10 second controlled pick ups on :60, 2 x 1 minute build to race effort/ 30 seconds  walk, 3 min jog.

2) Go finish up your set up, bathroom stop before you get your wetsuit on, and get organized for your start. Get your wetsuit on and get ready.

3) Your dryland swim warm up: Swim Cords- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DefaMHK4-4A&feature=youtu.be

4) Get in the water if they will let you and do a couple minutes easy, 1 to 2 times 10 stroke pickups on full recovery, swim easy another couple minutes and then line up and get ready to go with enough time to settle and focus.

*** If it’s a hot race do only swim cords warm up and maybe a light swim if allowed. Stay cool and avoid getting hot before the start.

*** If the water is extremely cold then get your face wet and use to the shock of the cold water before getting in.


Time Trial Bike Race Warm Up:

15 minutes easy
3x2min build to 80% effort with 3 minutes between.
5 minutes at 80-85% MHR
10 minutes easy
2x10 seconds simulated starts.....
Report to the line 10 minutes before you are scheduled to ride. Gel and fluid. Get ready to rock and roll!

Mental State Warm Up:

60min out- relaxed and calm

45min out - meditative and focused

30min out- meditative and visualizing movements and process

20min out- focused on task and relaxed.

15min out- Excitement towards the day and in the zone feeling your performance for the day

5min out- relaxed, confident, ready.

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