Program Only Coaching

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Program only Coaching Offers...

Want a customized program but don't need full service coaching. This might be exactly what you need.

  • Month to month training program based on your needs

  • Facebook pages for education and community

  • Training progress check in via email once per month.

  • Access to MCC camps and team events

    Program only coaching: $225/month. No set up fee. Billed quarterly at the beginning of each quarter. See payment policy for more details.


Or maybe you only need a one time program with no coaching service. All you are looking for is just a program to follow to a specific event, or for a training block. I do 20week,16 week and 12 week one time custom programs. 

Personalized one time training blocks are billed for each block. $100/ 4 week block.

  • Custom training program based on your needs

  • A start up phone call to walk you through understanding the training before you begin the plan and answer any questions you might have.

    Athlete Quote: Angie Anderson- I’ve been doing Ironman races a long time.  In a 3 month block Marilyn gave me the 3 best races of my life and this was Ironman #14.  Marilyn gave me the workouts, but her skills as a coach far exceeded “workouts”.  She communicated in a way that made me really care about what she expected of me.  I was invested in her as my “leader”, and on race day when I needed to be tough, I had some extra mental strength knowing she was in my corner.  I will be forever thankful for my experience with her as a coach and mentor.