Timed Ultra Training

I have embarked on another adventure to train for my first 12-hour timed ultra. My goal is to run a minimum of 50 miles that day. I completed my first double long run weekends with 40K+ on Sunday and 10-12 miles on Monday.

I am still swimming for one hour three times per week and cycling a minimum of five hours per week. Mileage running totals per week are 75-80 miles with some hill repeats on Tuesday, some intervals on Thursday and running long on Sunday/Monday.

First 40K plus:

  • Running Time: 3:52:50

  • Temps: 70 degrees with high humidity

  • 26 ounces of fluids per hour

  • 190 calories per hour

  • 41g of carbs per hour

  • 73 mg of caffeine per hour

The Good: I managed to run well with a slight negative split. I also ate solid food for the first time in a long run splitting a Clif Bar.  I am trying to learn to avoid texture fatigue for a 12-hour event.  I lose the hunger pangs when I eat a bit of solid food.

Room for improvement: Fitness decoupled (pace stayed the same but heart rate rose) over 5% during the last hour. This may have been a result of the heat/humidity. I still felt parched a bit at the end of the run despite all the fluids I drank. Nutrition – I was still a bit under fueled from my target of 50-60g of carbs per hour.

The next day was rough as I had some fatigue and was hobbled by delayed onset muscle soreness. I completed my ten-mile run but it was slow (10:35 pace). I have faith this will improve over time.  And if not, the repeated bout effect may kill me.

The second weekend went as follows:

  • Running Time: 3:54:44

  • Temps: 55 degrees – Hallelujah!

  • 18 ounces of fluids per hour – less due to temps

  • 289 calories per hour

  • 59.25g of carbs per hour

  • 87.5 mg of caffeine per hour

The good: Pace increased by two seconds per mile. I found myself holding back on my pace a bit on the final hour.  I increased calories and carbs per hour with no nausea. I am trying different things like Clif Bars and Milky Way Fun Bars to mix up the texture and taste.  Decoupling was in my target range below 5%.  

Room for Improvement: my twelve mile run the next day went better than the previous week (10:09 pace) but stayed painful.  I think my nutrition may have helped.  Next run I plan on increasing my carbs to 60-70g per hour and see how my stomach performs.  

I will note that I had a very good training week last week.  When I start to feel fit I know that I need to be conscious of not taking too much risk in training.  Two more weeks in this block, than a week of less mileage and I culminate with a 50K/20K back to back runs.  Good times.  When this is over I will be very excited to become a triathlete again!  No easy way!  


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