MCC Camps- Straight from the horses mouth


Everybody goes to camps for different reasons. Some want to get out on the road after a long winter. Some want to expose themselves to a more challenging environment with their peers to see where they are at. Some simply want to get away and spend a week with no other worry than training. These are all great reasons to be at a camp. 

Our camps are over twelve years strong, camps include fully supported training and guidance from a team of veteran coaches, some of which are current or former pro triathletes. Education is a big priority, too: Nightly presentations included by our trusted professionals and guests.

Because these are long standing camps that see a lot of returning athletes year after year, new campers learn not just from the coaches but also from the “senior” campers. This camp’s reputation for camaraderie and friendliness is second to none.

Jon Fecik- IG @jafecik

“I tried many sports growing up and never really felt like I fit in. I became interested in sports later than many other kids and it was a challenge for me to break into their already tight knit groups. That all changed in May of 2004 when I did my first #triathlon at the Got The Nerve Sprint Tri. I passed through that finish line, my result was nothing special, but, on the other side, people I didn’t know were high-fiving me and chatting with me as if I’d known them for my entire life. I don’t know if it’s because triathlon is an individual sport, one where many different levels can compete at one time, or if it’s the shared experience of suffering that brings us all together, but I finally felt welcomed into a sport as the socially awkward teen that I was. I felt a part of a special community and I felt proud.

Fast forward to #coaching at the 2019 #mcctucsoncamp and I am reminded of that feeling I felt back at my first triathlon. Although none of the athletes in this picture were competing with me in 2004, they all impersonate the traits of those who were. Each athlete suffered individually in some way this week whether it was getting up a 6,000 foot climb for the first time, managing his diabetes on a high volume week, seeing 150 emails a day pour into her inbox over a training “vacation,” or learning to balance training and sleep as a new dad. They all challenged themselves to do a little better each day and showed grit when things got tough. At the same time, they all supported each other’s journey and made everyone else around them feel a part of the family. When someone got a flat, another was there to help change the tube. When someone needed a mental push up a steep hill, someone was there to say “keep going, you are almost there.” This is the type of community that has sustained me through the past 15 years of my journey and will no doubt propel me forward as long as I continue. I am proud to call these athletes ‘my people’ which is just a small representation of the people who make up the sport of triathlon as a whole.”

Jennifer Vollmann- @jennifervollmann

“I'm so grateful for the amazing week at #mcctucsoncamp. I trained with some of the most talented, hilarious and genuine people I have ever met. I was pushed beyond what I thought I could do and I'm better for it. This is a camp where you find if you have grit, or if you do not. This past week I found it, in almost every session I had to dig, push, and curse my way through. The MCC Tucson Camp is the perfect place to push yourself beyond your limits in a supportive, fun and safe environment. For 7 days you can focus on you as the athlete. You eat, breathe and sleep triathlon. Everyone around you loves this support as much as you and they are as invested in your performance as you are. At the end of 7 days, I was a better athlete and had new community of athletes that will support me for the rest of the year!”

Jeff Fejfar- IG @intheair328

“It has often been said, “there is no easy way.” However, the hard road is much easier traveled when surrounded by amazing people!!! Thank you to all the athletes who attended, as well as the fellow coaches and staff of this year’s @marilyn_chychota Coaching Tucson Camp. This week was amazing! I can’t wait to follow everyone on their upcoming season!”

Jenny Lorenz

“ The opportunity to spend the week with like-minded people and high quality coaching in an environment conducive to great cycling, running and swimming has the potential to take your racing to the next level. Not only has this camp provided me with challenges that have made me a better athlete, it has also provided me with skills benefiting my personal and professional life AND has gifted me life-long friendships I will cherish forever.Camp was great. Challenging workouts that pushed me, great coaching and leadership, Good meals and course nutrition.”

Kipp Strasma

“MCC Tucson Triathlon camp happens over 6 days and includes 5 rides for 350 miles, much of it climbing; 4 runs for over a marathon in distance, all of it either on path or track; 3 coached swims with at a gorgeous pool, inclusive of video analysis. Yoga. Massage. Bike maintenance training. Professional SAG. Excellent peer, coach, and professional support. Cool swag. Great people!”

Erin Green- mfeg

“Anyone who has been sidelined by injury knows the mental storm clouds that gather...but then they part and once again the light shines through! 😄 After a winter of carefully navigating some niggles so they DIDN’T result in full-blown injury, testing some speed at #mcctucsoncamp last week felt amazing! Just in time, too, with 2019 race season kicking off in Oceanside in just 4 short weeks!#running #happyplace #triathlon#mccoaching


“I’ve been attending, organizing or coaching camps since 2000. I see a lot of value in camps in an athlete’s overall development.

As long as I can remember doing this sport, I have been going to training camps. Plain and simple, camps are good! Everybody gets something different from them, but everybody gets something. I find that camps are one of the most important pieces in developing an athlete.

I have always approached camps with the attitude to learn as much as possible about myself, my limitations, and to really take the opportunity to push myself in some way.

I always push myself to new levels at every camp I’ve ever done. I won my first Ironman after attending a camp”.

Be exposed to new things, so come with an open mind to learn.Meet new people who share your interests. I've made some of my closest friends from camps.See a new place. Test and push yourself in an environment where you don't have to worry about much other than training.Create memories and expose character you never knew you had.Always come armed with a good sense of humor.Always come humble and ready to learn.I promise that you'll walk away with new friends, new perspectives, and a new motivation towards your season.

Grit happens.  And sometimes in the most surprising places.  Our MCC triathlon camps are an opportunity to find out who you are. And who you are not.  

We are proud that we create a safe environment for athletes to exceed their abilities. We leave no athlete behind regardless of their ability.  Sometimes an athlete fails a workout in the process. And when they fail, it is inspiring to see them dust themselves off and try again. Failure is acceptable.  Cracking is not!

Our camp attracts the best and people who want to be their best.  Our camp creates lifetime friendships and people who will inspire us for a lifetime.  At the end of camp, we become a band of people who laugh until we cry, regale each other with stories and digest a margarita or two.  We came to camp as individuals and we left as a team.

See our camps page to save the dates for future camps. Come join us and become apart of our MCC family.