Organize Your Sport Into Your Lifestyle

When you start dreaming up your next training and competition plan here are some thoughts I recommend to making it  all work well.

One of the most important elements of creating success is to be sure  that everyone in your life is on board. 

When you map out your plan and goals, lay out the time lines, the  commitment it will require and then be sure your life allows for that  to happen. Ask yourself, do my goals match my lifestyle?  In other  words, does my family support my schedule and goals, does my work,  social life and other commitments match my goals. Do I have  enough hours in the day, week, month to repeat the schedule required without my life falling apart?

Write it all out, including a timeline that has a wakeup time and bed time for everyday. Then ask yourself if it’s possible and repeatable?  

Can you honestly repeat that week in and week out and come out alive?

You may need to assess the distance you are  training for depending on your other life commitments.

Some things to consider:

    How much commuting is required each day to do our routine?

    Is there a solid back up plan if the weather goes south?

Triathlon can be a big commitment. But if you organize your sport into your lifestyle then it can be very rewarding. Set your goals and  schedule so that your support crew is cheering you on rather than  cheering when it’s over!

Happy training!

LifestyleMarilyn Chychota