You Have The Tools For Success- USE THEM!

I recently had a conversation with an athlete who is very successful in business (one of the best) and many areas of life. They had recently (over the last year or two) lost their athletic direction, enough that there was concern that a healthy lifestyle altogether was going to be lost. As I was listening, a few key points came out.

#1- Momentum!! When momentum is lost...then #2 is lost- CONFIDENCE. These two things lost together can be killer. Some will call this getting in a slump. I talk constantly about consistency. Getting out the door! Everyday the momentum is lost, fitness is lost, and confidence is lost, YOU start to become lost. The further away you get, the harder this becomes.

My message to this athlete was this: you are very successful at business. You already have knowledge on the HOW to be successful. The athlete stated how many 12-hour work days and hours of travel were part of life over the last two years. Time, Dedication = Success in business. 

Being successful in ANYTHING requires a common thread/principles. Apply what you already know!




Goals clear

Environment created




Total Time Applied

If all these are in order, you just get out the door and go. Then, momentum is started. That's the hardest step sometimes. This is where confidence begins. Consistency and confidence build strength and commitment. As this grows, success follows.

LifestyleMarilyn Chychota