Mental Training: Tips, Tricks and Lists to Help Strengthen Your Game

Cranky Training

● Learn emotional control during training

● Train in situations that might annoy you

● Give up control 

Awesome Training

● It’s ok to affirm a great session

● Make note of why it occurred

● Your best races and training aren’t always the perfect ones. 

Creating Expectations of Real Feel

● Doing things regardless of how you feel

● “I’m doing what it takes”

● “It’s not tiring, it’s racing.” 

Developing Trigger Words

● Staying in the Moment 

● Process-oriented 

Technology Timeouts

● Ditching their crutches (PM, Garmin, etc.) 

● Learn to tune into your body 

● Be Bored 

Learning to Break Down Training sessions and Races

● Staying Process Oriented

● # of buoys, 10K splits, 1-2 mile run splits, this rep, this set. 

● Focus on now, not the finish line 






MindMarilyn Chychota