Three Key Points to Achieving Your Goals

Love what you do and keep it fun

Simple, right? Of course. After all, if you don’t love doing this then why do it? As challenging as training and racing can get remember to keep it fun. If you are having fun you’ll keep loving it, and if you keep loving it you’ll keep getting better. As the old saying goes, “ Don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive.”


Focus on consistent improvement

This is a game-changer. Those who focus on improving are the ones who get faster, stop getting hurt so much, and get more enjoyment out of training. When you focus on your own improvement daily you are able to be consistent over a long period of time. With consistency, all the results will follow on their own.


Commit to becoming a better athlete. Commit to challenging yourself, and improving.

There is a purpose to every single workout. It’s not about just  “dying” – but to help you reach your race goals. Workouts should be smart, not just hard. 


MindMarilyn Chychota