End of Year Debrief/ Planning Forward

End of Year Debriefs/Planning Forward

What targets did you hit this year:

What targets did you miss this year:

What health or injury concerns did you have this year:

What equipment changes did you make this year:

What do you feel you did well this year:

What would have you changed about this year:

What are your goals going forward:

Were all your needs met from me as your coach this past season:

Specifically list strengths and weaknesses for each of the following:

Training- Swim/Bike/Run

Strength- core, gym, stability, sport specific, mobility


Nutrition- Competition, body composition, recovery, performance, and daily nutrition habits. (Note if any health issues related to nutrition and medical attention is required or  blood work)

Pacing- Training and racing

Mental Fitness- Training and Competition ( Motivation, goal setting, race stress, life stress, attitude, self awareness, confidence, habits)




Goal setting- Long term/Short term

Where are you currently? (Current fitness and ability)

What are your goals? (Where are you going?)

What are you going to do to achieve these goals? (Changes you might need to make and what you currently do well)

ATP- (Annual Training Plan)

To help me do your ATP, please specifically send me dates, names of races and goals for each event in a bullet list:

AAA Races

B Races

C Races

Travel dates and other life commitments with key dates.

Training Blocks: These are my job as the coach, I take care of developing these based on your specific needs. However, it is important for you to note important dates as we plan the year. I will also be adding these into your Training Peaks once I have your schedule.

**Things may change throughout the year with dates, races and training blocks, but it’s good to have an idea based on AAA goals and races.To succeed, we need a GOAL + PLAN!

20+weeks- Conditioning Phase begins. 25-30 weeks out from AAA race or season starting.

16 weeks

12 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks- bubble wrap time

Taper-14-10 -7-3 days (length depends on many variables and individual to each race and athlete)

**Repeat limiter assessments

I like to train the ability to gauge effort in many different ways. I think it’s important to develop all the skills necessary to use all the metrics available and be confident in different ways to monitor your effort. Using different gauges at different periods of the year in relationship to training blocks, preparation, and what is going to help each athlete the most based on their unique needs is important. Explain to me your preferred way to gauge effort and why? Perceived effort, watts or heart rate?

The key is knowing how you’ll gauge effort each session to be sure you’ll get the most out of your training.

Take some time to fully go through your thoughts on the entire year. Feel free to include any other thoughts and notes you might find useful.

Thank you for including me on your team and putting your trust in me. I am as fully invested in every one of your goals as you are and will always do my best to help you achieve your goals.


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